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Gresik Food Court, the Culinary and Souvenir Center The Regent of Gresik, Sambari Halim Radianto (right), accompanied by Kadiskoperindag, Agus Budiono, is observing the food stands in the food court.

TIMESJOMBANG, GRESIKGresik, East Java, is building its own food court, which is usually known as ‘Pujasera’ in Indonesia. This food court will be the culinary and souvenir center.

According to the plan, the food court located in Jalan Pahlawan, will be officially opened by the Regent of Gresik, Sambari Halim Radianto, on the day that coincides with the birthday of the Government of Gresik on 27 February 2020.

This food court consists of three floors that have different functions. The first floor is the place for the souvenirs shops. It has 18 rooms with the size of 10 meter square each.

Meanwhile, the second floor is the place for culinary stands. According to the plan, there will be 16 open stands with dining tables in front of them. Moreover, the rest of the space will be a multifunction hall for various events, such as wedding party, meetings, and other events.

On the third floor, there is vast meeting room with a stage or podium in the front.

According to Sambari, the culinary stands will be selling various indigenous snacks from Gresik. Therefore, he wanted all the districts in Gresik to sell their traditional snacks in the food stands.

 “Manyar can sell Sembilang culinary, Gresik can sell Nasi Krawu, Rawon, and so on,” said Sambari while observing the food court on Wednesday (15/1/2020).

Sambari hoped that this food court can be a perfect place to introduce the traditional culinary of Gresik. He expected that the visitors can enjoy the culinary on the opening day.

 “It will be better if the visitors can enjoy the culinary even before the grand opening. I hope that this place will be visited by many visitors from different cities,” he added.

According to Sambari, this food court building will not change its history as the place of pilgrimage of Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim.

In the future, the visitors arriving at terminal will be picked up by a shuttle to go to this building. In this area, they can visit the tomb of Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim and buy some souvenirs and food.

“This year, we also plan to build an underpass from this food court building to the road leading to the tomb. This underpass will prevent any traffic jam,” said Sambari. (*)

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